My name is Roman. I am that guy who created the Painted Black Games, a young Ukrainian mini game-dev-studio. There are four of us, and we’re making our first joint game - a philosophic thriller adventure The Long Reach. The creating process started in the year 2015. Everyone, who has put his hand to the game, brought his unique view and made it better. The creation of Painted Black Games wasn’t an accident. It was the only logical result of people passionate about creating games meeting each other. My personal path of game dev started when I first played the brand-new Doom 3. Prowling those dark and gloomy passages, pale from tension and fear, I thought: "Oh, Gosh, I'm gonna make games." I've been coming a long way of tries and failures. Damn, I've been even writing my C++ game engine - an experience that taught me a lot, but in a game dev case - utterly useless.



There are currently no trailers available for Painted Black Games. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Alina Berdnik
Artist, Animator
Evgeni Puzankov
Narrative Designer, Writer
Roman Tomilin
Producer, Developer
Ruslan Viter
Composer, Sound Designer